Health and Physical Education (M.Ed)

Campbell University offers a Master of Education degree program in Health and Physical Education that leads to licensure at the advanced level.

Designed for experienced practicing educators aspiring to become master teachers, the program assists candidates in relating theory and research to current professional practices, trends and issues. Core classes address areas such as theoretical foundations, research, technology, law and ethics, curriculum and human diversity. Individualized projects and assignments allow graduates to integrate information and knowledge from varied experiences and courses and apply the results in professional settings.

The M.Ed. in Health and Physical Education extends the INTASC standards and NCDPI competencies and builds on the standards of the national specialty area associations including the standards of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. The degree requires successful completion of 34 semester hours and builds upon the instructional expertise and leadership qualities and skills of an experienced licensed teacher.

Candidates must successfully complete 18 semester hours in Health and Physical Education and 16 semester hours in the core education classes. Candidates must also maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 and may make no more than two grades of “C.” Candidates must complete an action-based research project that addresses a curriculum and/or instructional concern within the school setting. The product is shared with the school administrators at the building level and is presented to faculty and graduate students at the university.

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