Professional Education Report Card

Professional Education By The Numbers

Element Numbers
Number of Students in teacher preparation programs 275
Total number of regular and alternative students in programs of supervised student teaching 73
Total number of full-time faculty in professional education that supervise student teachers 12
Total number of part-time faculty, employed full-time by the IHE, that supervise student teachers 7
Total number of part-time faculty, not otherwise employed by the IHE, that supervise student teachers 11
Total number of supervising faculty for the teacher preparation program 12
Student to faculty ratio 4.43
Average number of hours per week required of student participation in supervised teaching 40
Total number of required weeks of supervised student teaching 10
Total number of hours 400

The program is approved/accredited by the state. The program is not designated as low-performing.

Elementary Education Praxis II Specialty Examination

  • Campbell University 25 test takers 100% pass rate
  • North Carolina test takers 97% pass rate

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