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Social Work at Campbell

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If you like to help people and are good at maneuvering through complex situations then social work may be for you. It is a profession where you learn to help vulnerable people overcome life’s challenges and function the best they can in society. Social workers provide a variety of services to individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities.

At Campbell you will make a positive impact on individuals and communities, contribute to social justice, participate in social change, and address pressing societal issues. The curriculum (in and out of class) provides opportunities for field trips, seminars, group service projects, and agency experience. The best part? Our small classes mean you get more than just a degree – you get mentors who genuinely care about your success in an accessible and inclusive environment. Cultivate the career of your dreams and find a calling as a social work professional. Social work is a chance to make a living and make a life with lasting impact.  Learn more about social work

Accreditation Information Learning Outcomes
I knew that I wanted to make an impact on people’s lives and this program has proven to me that becoming a social worker is my rightful calling. Abby W. Class of 2025

Careers in Social Work

The world of social work careers offers a fulfilling and impactful journey where professionals can be real-life heroes, making positive contributions to individuals, families, and communities. Here’s an overview of the exciting aspects of social work careers:

Social workers have the noble mission of helping others, advocating for fairness, and addressing crucial societal issues.

Social workers can engage at various levels, including the individual, family, group, organization, or community level, tailoring their efforts to meet diverse needs.

Social workers can find opportunities in a variety of work settings, showcasing the versatility of the field. Some settings include:

      • Hospitals
      • Police departments
      • Libraries
      • Capitol Hill
      • Social Services
      • Public welfare agencies
      • Mental health centers


  • The career outlook for social workers is promising, with a predicted 7% growth through 2032.
  • Anticipated growth reflects the increasing recognition of the importance of addressing challenges faced by single-parent families, the homeless, displaced homemakers, abused children, and other disadvantaged or oppressed populations.
  • Social workers play crucial roles in addressing social issues, promoting well-being, and fostering positive change in the lives of those they serve.
  • Their work is vital in creating a more just and equitable society by supporting individuals and communities facing various challenges.

In summary, a career in social work is not only rewarding but also essential for addressing the complex and diverse needs of society. The field provides opportunities to make a meaningful impact, and the projected growth indicates a continued demand for dedicated professionals who are committed to helping others and contributing to positive social change.

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