Requirements for the Social Work Major


The mission of the Campbell University Social Work Program is to prepare students for culturally competent, evidence-based practice in both large and small client systems across practice and geographic areas. The program prepares students for ethical professional practice with emphases on social justice, diversity & inclusion, and community engagement. Our graduates are generalist social workers prepared to enter practice or graduate education.


The Social Work, B.S.W., program includes courses in social work field experience, practice methods, research methods, human behavior, and more.

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Students may apply for formal admission to the major in social work after completing the general university curriculum requirements and Social Work 201 and Social Work 290 with grades of C or better.

Admission is based on academic achievement of a total grade point average of 2.25 or better, and demonstration of motivation and aptitude for the profession. Intended majors are required to take Introduction to Sociology 225, Introduction to Psychology 222, Biology 101 or 111, Mathematics l60 (Statistics), Math 111 (College Algebra) or Math 118 (Mathematics for Liberal Arts), and Sociology 345 (Human Diversity).

Application to the major involves:

  1. Completion of the Application
  2. Preparation of a written statement of reasons for wanting to enter the social work profession
  3. Review by the Social Work Department Admissions Committee, composed of two social work program faculty and one outside faculty member when necessary.

Students will be notified by letter of acceptance into the major, or requested to make an appointment to meet with the committee if questions arise about eligibility for the major. Students may also request a personal interview with the committee. Students with personal or situational problems which interfere with their ability to work in a professional helping capacity with others may be asked to enter counseling and/or give evidence that their difficulties are resolved to the extent they are able to perform satisfactorily in a professional helping relationship. Students whose skills in oral or written expression are deficient or students who earn less than a grade of C in English 101 and 102 may be asked to complete remedial work prior to being accepted into the major, since the ability to express oneself in both written and oral form are crucial to the practice of social work.

On occasion, the Admissions Committee may find that a particular individual simply is not suited to social work, and may recommend that admission to the major be denied. In such cases, students will be counseled about the decision and assisted in selecting and transferring to another major. Students may appeal this decision to the Chair of the Department of Social Work. If the student is not satisfied with the outcome, a grievance may be filed with the Dean of the School of Education & Human Sciences. The appeals process must be completed at each level before proceeding to the next.

Appeals should be made in writing within 30 days of the Admissions Committee’s response by letter to the student’s application for admission to the Major. Reasons for denial of entry into the major include demonstration of attitudes which are not congruent with social work values and ethics, personality characteristics which render the individual unsuited to professional social work, overwhelming personal or situational problems which interfere with their ability to perform as a professional social worker, or failure to meet the academic requirements for admission to the major. In all instances, the University code of behavior applies, and students should be aware they can be dismissed from the University and program for violation of university rules and regulations specified in the Campbell University Student Handbook.

On acceptance into the major, the student will be assigned a social work faculty advisor if they do not already have one. The student should make an appointment with the advisor to ensure that all necessary documents and records are in order, and to plan their curriculum. University requirements for transfer of advisor, etc., apply.

Only students who are formally admitted to the major can take social work courses beyond the introductory courses (SOWK 201 and SOWK 290).

Requirements for a major in Social Work: SOWK 201, 290, 320, 321, 330, 340, 341, 350, 351, 480, 481, 490, and 491; Other courses required of social work majors include Human Diversity (SOCI 345), Psychology of Human Relations ( PSYC 364), and Abnormal Psychology (PSYC 461).

Students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.25 and complete their required courses to take SOWK 490 and SOWK 491. Students must earn grades of ” C” or better in all social work courses to remain in the major. Declaration of intent to major in social work does not constitute formal admission to the major.