Resources are available only to students in the School of Education & Human Sciences or those enrolled in School of Education & Human Sciences Courses.

Computer Lab Equipment & Software

The School of Education & Human Sciences provides computer labs for all students enrolled in Education Courses. There are two labs for student use; a Main Lab (Taylor Hall Room 227) and a Mini Lab (Taylor Hall Room 217). Each lab is equipped with Dell All-in-One computers. Students have access to the Internet, Windows 10, and SPSS. Students also have access to stand alone iMacs located in Taylor Hall Room B-11 and the MakerSpace. All machines are available for individual student use when classes are not in session. Availability schedules are posted in each lab/classroom. Students have access to printers in both labs.

Classroom sets of Chromebooks and iPads are available for classroom use.  Students are encouraged to use cloud-based storage for saving information (Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox).  The use of flashdrives and other portable storage devices is discouraged to prevent the spread of computer viruses.

Students experience Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality with a state of the art Virtual Reality cart that is used in technology labs and projects.

The School of Education & Human Sciences classrooms are equipped with large screen panels or touch screens for dynamic presentations created by faculty and students. 

The School of Education & Human Sciences also provides equipment that students can sign-out for filming and special projects. These devices include iPads, SWIVL robots, Chromebooks, camcorders, headphones, digital cameras, and remote control tripods.  This assist teacher education students with the vide recording requirement of the edTPA national assessment.