Licensure Only Program


Candidates who hold a bachelor’s degree but are not licensed to teach in the public schools must meet the requirements for initial licensure before being recommended for graduate licensure. (See also the sections on the Initial Plus Master’s licensure programs.)

Before being recommended for licensure for teaching at the Master’s/advanced level, candidates must hold or be eligible for initial licensure in an appropriate teaching area.

  • School Counseling Add-On Licensure. Please follow the guidelines as outlined in the Graduate Bulletin (pages 64-66).
  • For all other areas of Add-On Licensure, please refer to the Graduate Bulletin (pages 40-54).


First-time applicants for an initial teaching license, students requesting a licensure upgrade, principal’s license or add-on licensure must complete the online application process at

In this application, the student must provide appropriate official university program transcripts, any licensure exam scores where required, and must pay by credit card an application amount of $55.00. This fee is assessed by the North Carolina State Board of Education and is subject to change. The student is responsible for paying the fee assessed at the time the online application is completed.

If students have questions concerning this application process they should see Mrs. Charity Tart, Licensure Officer, within the School of Education. All applications will be formally accepted and submitted by the Dean of the School of Education at Campbell University.

Prior to registering for any licensure examination, students should consult with their advisors about current North Carolina requirements. Preparation materials and registration instructions may be found on the ETS website: No national test is required for MSA candidates.

NOTE: All students seeking Licensure Only, Add-On Licensure, I plus Master’s or a Master’s Degree in a professional teaching area should submit licensure exam(s) results with their application to Mrs. Ranae Strickland, Graduate Admissions office within the School of Education.