Licensure and Residency Programs

Residency Licensure

If you are currently employed by a public school district as a teacher, please see information concerning Residency Licensure.
The Residency License is a North Carolina-specific pathway. Residency licensing allows qualified individuals to begin teaching while completing North Carolina licensure requirements.

Four “partners” are involved in the residency process:

  • the individual
  • a recognized Educator Preparation Program (EPP),
  • the Local Education Agency (LEA).
  • and the Department of Public Instruction (DPI).

Eligibility for a Residency License requires that the prospective teacher:

  • Has earned a bachelor’s degree.
  • Has earned a 2.7 cumulative GPA on their degree.
  • Has either completed 24 semester hours of coursework in the requested licensure area or passed the content area examination(s) required by the N.C. State Board of Education for the requested licensure area.
  • Is enrolled in a recognized EPP, and;
  • Has completed preservice requirements prior to teaching.
  • Has been offered employment by an LEA.

Summary of the Residency Licensure Process

  • An LEA employs the individual. Employment often occurs before EPP affiliation.
  • The individual affiliates with a state-approved EPP — Educator Preparation Programs
  • The LEA will verify both employment and EPP admission to DPI through a form process when submitting for the residency license.
  • The individual successfully completes all course work and testing as required by the EPP prior to the end of the third year of school employment
  • The individual is recommended for clear licensure by their EPP.

Licensure Only Area Programs of Study

Candidates who hold a bachelor’s degree but are not licensed to teach in the public schools must meet the requirements for the North Carolina initial licensure. Independent study plans are designed for each candidate based upon bachelor’s degree transcript(s) and other coursework taken. Candidates must have 24 hours in the content area. The following are our Licensure Only Programs. 

  • Birth-Kindergarten
  • Elementary (K-5)
  • Middle Grades English/Language Arts (4-9)
  • Middle Grades Mathematics (4-9)
  • Middle Grades Science (4-9)
  • Middle Grades Social Studies (4-9)
  • Secondary English/Language Arts (9-12)
  • Secondary Mathematics (9-12)
  • Secondary Science (9-12)
  • Secondary Social Studies (9-12)
  • Special Education General Curriculum (SPED – K-12)
  • Health and Physical Education (K-12)
  • Music (K-12)
  • Spanish (K-12)
  • Studio Art (K-12)
  • Theatre Arts (K-12)

Add-On Licensure Programs of Study

Current licensed teachers may seek additional licensure in a specialized area of interest.

Application Process

With the application the student must provide unofficial university program transcript(s), any licensure exam scores where required, Honor Code Policy, Bulletin Acknowledgement and must pay by credit card an application fee of $55.00 .  Students must also have a GPA of 2.7 to apply. If you are Adding On a License submit a copy of your North Carolina Teacher’s License with application.  Submit application and all supporting documents to Mr. Sterling Tharrington, Graduate Admissions, or PO Box 369 Buies Creek, NC 27506.  

Licensure Examinations

Prior to registering for any licensure examination, students should consult with their advisors about current North Carolina requirements. Preparation materials and registration instructions may be found on the ETS website: No national test is required for MSA candidates.

  • NOTE: All students seeking  Residency Licensure, Licensure Only, Add-On Licensure,  or a Master’s Degree in a professional teaching area should submit licensure exam(s) results with their application to Mr. Sterling Tharrington, Graduate Admissions office within the School of Education & Human Sciences.

North Carolina Department of Public Instruction Licensure Online Application Process

First-Time applicant students requesting an Add-On licensure must complete the online application process at following the successful completion of their program of study in order to “add-on” the license to an already existing license.

If students have questions concerning the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) Licensure application process they should contact Dr. Chris Godwin, Licensure Officer, within the School of Education & Human Sciences. All applications will be formally accepted and submitted by the Dean of the School of Education & Human Sciences at Campbell University to NCDPI .

For more information about the Residency Licensure, Licensure Only, or Add-On Licensure Areas please contact:

Mr. Sterling Tharrington