Academically/Intellectually Gifted Education (M.Ed.)

Interested in Learning how to meet the Needs of Academically/Intellectually Gifted Learners?

Enroll in the 100% online Master’s in Education in Gifted Education at Campbell University.

This Master’s Program in Academically/Intellectually Gifted Education was developed as a “collaborative” model between the university and the local school districts for teachers participating within this MEd/add-on licensure program. This program is uniquely designed to prepare educators with the knowledge and skills required to modify the curricula content, process, products and learning environment for students who are academically/intellectually gifted learners. Further, the program is intended to promote an understanding of the characteristics, issues, identification of, and services for gifted learners. Critical and creative thinking skill strategies and models for affective development are explored.  Examination of the current issues surrounding diversity and equity across gifted programming will be examined throughout this program of study.

Why Campbell University?

A key focus of this program is the “rural” gifted learner and the unique perspective and opportunities this “place” affords the gifted learner and teacher. The courses are taught by gifted education experts who have been involved at the local, state and national level in gifted education and who understand this “rural” perspective within the larger picture of gifted education.

How will leadership potential and capacity be explored within this program?

Students enrolled in the program intensely explore a locally developed and approved Academically/Intellectually Gifted Program from a school district (either as a teacher within the district or as a community partner living in the district) and focus their studies throughout their licensure program on this district’s plan for Academically/Intellectually Gifted Learners. As the culminating project, students actually target an area selected by the district within this plan and create a product which is offered “back” to the local district as possible evidences or practices for improving the gifted services within the district or school. This allows the student to demonstrate leadership potential within a school setting and often times, at the district level within the school system. Many of our graduates contribute to their local school districts as lead AIG teachers or district AIG Coordinators, or serve on LEA District Level AIG planning committees. Finally, our candidates intern for a semester within their local school district in order to develop the necessary leadership skills for managing a gifted education program.


  • Complete this MEd program in as little as two years or less.
  • Research within the gifted education field based upon personal/school/district needs.
  • Interact with local AIG leaders through research and field placements.
  • Collaborate and intern with the AIG Director within a school district to truly influence gifted education within the district;
  • Enhance professional ability to differentiate and develop curriculum which engages all learners within your classroom, particularly gifted learners.
  • School/School District Cohorts are encouraged!

NOTE: This program leads to the add-on licensure in Academically/Intellectually Gifted for North Carolina. 

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