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2023 CPC Full Virtual Program (with Abstracts)

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All events take place on Saturday, April 15, 2023, in the Lundy-Fetterman School of Business building at Campbell University.

See our Main Campus map for building location and parking areas.

8:30 am – 9:00 am Registration 
9:00 am – 9:30 am Opening Address
9:30 am – 10:45 am Session I: Student Paper Presentations
10:45 am – 12:00 pm Keynote Address
12:00 pm – 1:15 pm Lunch Break
1:15 pm – 2:45 pm Session II: Student Paper Presentations
3:00 pm – 4:00 pm APS Psychology Jeopardy

2023 Keynote Address

Dr. Kurt Gray

Kurt Gray is a Professor at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he directs the Deepest Beliefs Lab and the Center for the Science of Moral Understanding. He was almost a geophysicist but a night trapped in the Canadian wilderness convinced him otherwise. He completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Waterloo, and his PhD at Harvard University. His research explores the nature of morality and religion, and how best to bridge political divides. He has published over 100 papers and a popular-press book called The Mind Club: Who Thinks, What Feels, and Why it Matters.

2023 Opening Address

Dr. Kinga Káplár-Kodácsy

Dr. Kinga Káplár-Kodácsy

Dr. Kinga Káplár-Kodácsy is an assistant professor at Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), Budapest, Hungary, Faculty of Education and Psychology, Institute of Research on Adult Education and Knowledge Management; international ambassador for International Association, and current Fulbright Visiting Scholar at the University of Florida. Her research projects are dealing with understanding the roles and concepts of sustainable mentoring in higher education, exploring innovative mentoring practices in faculty development, and finding ways for improving teaching and learning in higher education. She consults with international educational organizations, regularly publishes research articles and presents at national and international conferences.

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