CPC Abstract Submission Overview

Submission Deadline

All oral presentation abstracts must be received by March 15, 2024

Abstract Criteria

  1. The maximum word count is 250.
  2. The abstracts must contain the following information:
    • Background
    • Hypothesis or Research Question
    • Methods (Participants, Instruments, Procedure)
    • Results
    • Discussion and/or Implications
    • Abstracts containing preliminary/partial data will be considered if other sections are complete.

Abstract Selection

  1. If your abstract is selected, you will receive an email confirming your selection on March 24, 2024.
  2. If your abstract is selected, you will be required within 48 hours of the notification to confirm that you received the email and are intending to present.
  3. Confirmation of participation means that you commit to presenting in person. If you are unable to present, you must arrange for a substitute presenter.
  4. Conference Registration is required for all presenters.
Abstract submission period is closed