Study Abroad

As participants of the Study Abroad Program at Campbell University, the psychology department offers travel and educational opportunities for students. Come explore the rich cultures and history that surround the study of psychology with us.

We have traveled to Austria, Germany and Switzerland and got a glimpse of the heritage of psychology.

Previous psychology study abroad trips have included visits to:

  • Carl Jung Institute – International training facility for psychoanalytic therapists
  • Tubingen – Medieval university town
  • Hermann von Helmholtz – 14th-century German physicist and physician who studied color vision and visual perception
  • Wilhelm Wundt Museum – Wundt was the founder of the discipline of psychology and one of Helmholtz students
  • Museum of History of Psychology in Wurzburg, Germany – Sigmund Freud’s original measurement tools are displayed here, recently loaned for the movie “A Dangerous Method”
  • Capstone Experiences – Sigmund Freud Museum and a lecture from a representative of the Vienna Psychoanalytic Association
  • Viktor Frankl Center – Where Frankl lived and worked and where his wife still resides; Austrian psychiatrist and neurologist, a Holocaust survivor and founder of logotherapy, representing Existential Analysis

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