Requirements for the Minor

Requirements for a Psychology minor are require 22 semester hours in the following courses: 222, 260, 330, 364, 368, 461 and one elective.

222 General Psychology (3)
A study of the various fields of psychology: the developmental process, learning, motivation, emotion, frustration and adjustment, attention and perception, memory and cognition, group dynamics, and abnormal behavior. Attention is given to the application of these topics to problems of study, self-understanding, and adjustment to the demands of society. Required of all prospective teachers. Psychology 222 is a prerequisite to all psychology courses. Offered in the fall, spring, and summer.

260 Developmental Psychology (3)
A study of the course of human development from conception to death, including physical, moral, cognitive, emotional, and social development. Normal developmental tasks are also examined. Offered in the fall.

330 Research Methods in Behavioral and Social Sciences (4) (SOWK 330)
An introduction to the basic research methods used in the social and behavioral sciences. Special emphasis is placed on developing the student’s ability to understand and evaluate scientific research as well as to conduct and report research. Exposure to historically significant problem areas is provided. Laboratory work is an integral part of the course. Prerequisites: Math 160. Offered in the fall and spring.

364 Psychology of Human Relations (3)
A study of factors which affect human relationships, e.g. family of origin, personal values, parenting styles, making choices, personal growth, and sex roles. Offered in the fall and spring.

368 Psychology of Learning and Cognition (3)
A survey of the major concepts and research methods for studying learning and cognition (e.g., language development, memory formation, and conditioning procedures). Offered in the spring.

461 Abnormal Psychology (3)
A survey of the major forms of abnormal behavior of children and adults, with an emphasis on understanding the cause, treatment, and prevention of these disorders. Prerequisites: Nine semester hours of psychology. Offered in the spring.